Jesus commanded us to make disciples of each other. A disciple is a learner and a follower. Our goal is to sharpen and provoke each other to be better learners and followers of Jesus. This glorifies God, and leads to men displaying the beauty of Jesus more clearly in our work, marriages, parenting, and service within our community.


Meet Ups

Discipleship requires us meeting up with each other. We prioritize gathering once a month to study God’s Word to make sure that we’re thinking rightly about who God is and who we are. Ultimately, He wants us to be men who are been transformed by Jesus, and He uses other men in our lives in this process.


A disciple of Jesus isn’t just a man who thinks rightly; he’s a man who lives rightly. He lives like Jesus. And Jesus was a servant. In our men’s ministry, we look for ways to actively serve our church and community. Jesus has called us to be men who sacrificially follow Him and work hard to reflect Him in all of life. Let’s get to work!

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