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news about Jesus in
Ewa, Kapolei, and Beyond

Ewa Elementary School
10am Sunday Worship
91-1280 Renton Road


Jesus died on the cross to take away our sin, give us new life, and become our king. We do everything by the power of the cross.


Jesus lives in perfect fellowship with the Father and Holy Spirit. Like the Trinity, we do everything in the context of community.


Jesus’ mission is to build a growing kingdom of grace and love on earth. We do everything in light of his redemptive mission.


Jesus lives to bring glory to the Father. We do everything to glorify God above all else, and we want to influence others to do the same.

Depending On Jesus

What's the one thing you have that, if you lost it, it would completely and utterly devastate you? So much so that you wouldn't give it up for anything. That usually shows us what we're dependent on in life; what we depend on to give us significance, purpose, and...
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Get In The Fight

It's like Jesus' disciples weren't even in the fight. In Mark 9, they were arguing about which one of them was the greatest, and Jesus point out to them that he doesn't value greatness the way that they do. He says that whoever humbles himself and serves is actually...
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The Search For Glory

You and I are searching for glory. It's what we all want. What would happen if God showed it to you? What if he showed his glory to you...but you totally missed it? Peter and a few others saw God's glory in Mark 9 verse 2: After six days Jesus took Peter, James, and...
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New Life Seen In Baptism

Harbor Church West Oahu was able to celebrate the new life that Jesus gave Jenny and Addison by gathering at the beach, hearing the story of how Jesus saved them, and then witnessing their baptism. From empty to full, sinful to repentant, hopeless to hope-filled,...
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Can You See Clearly Now?

Do you remember a time when your eyes were open to believe something that you hadn't previously? I used to make fun of people in those inflatable air chairs at the beach. It just looked so silly. But then I encountered one, experienced one, took a nap in one, and now...
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