Spreading the good
news about Jesus in
Ewa, Kapolei, and Beyond

Ewa Elementary School
10am Sunday Worship
91-1280 Renton Road


Jesus died on the cross to take away our sin, give us new life, and become our king. We do everything by the power of the cross.


Jesus lives in perfect fellowship with the Father and Holy Spirit. Like the Trinity, we do everything in the context of community.


Jesus’ mission is to build a growing kingdom of grace and love on earth. We do everything in light of his redemptive mission.


Jesus lives to bring glory to the Father. We do everything to glorify God above all else, and we want to influence others to do the same.

Suffering In Community

James writes his short letter to the twelve tribes dispersed abroad. So his primary audience is Jews who’ve been scattered around the world because of the persecution that we see the book of Acts. They’d given their lives to Jesus, just like James, but now they’re...

We’re All Influencers

Titus is just a tiny letter that a guy named Paul wrote. In the Biblical timeline, Jesus had already lived and was crucified and was resurrected from the dead and then ascended to heaven alive but just before he did, he said this to his followers: “All authority has...

A Life Of Influence

We’re gonna look and see what the letter of Titus can teach us about being influencers.That’s a buzz word right now in our culture. And it’s a really freaky word in my opinion. Because it used to be that the influencers in the world were people like Albert Einstein,...

Not Missing Out On Everything

This is King Solomon’s conclusion to his investigation of life. He started out Ecclesiastes wondering what the point of all of life was, and we’ve gone on this journey with him, seeing all the things he explored, all the rocks he uncovered. He’s laid it all out for...

The Key To All Of Life

Have you ever looked back and realized that some of the things you thought existed weren’t really even a part of the world? Like, as a really little kid I thought that I’d be interacting with farm animals far more than I am these days. Our 1 year old knows every sound...


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