Our aim for this page is to help our church members to look forward with anticipation to each weekly service. We’ll be posting next Sunday’s order of service and lyrics to any new songs along with helpful links and thoughts to help prepare you and your family for weekly worship. Christians remember the past with thankfulness and look forward to the future with hopeful anticipation. We pray this space can help your family practice a little of that joyful anticipation.


Why The Name “Liturgy”?

The word liturgy, coming from the Greek word leitourgia, means simply the public work for, or worship of, God. We are using this word to highlight that our Sunday services are not passive experiences to be consumed, but rather a conversation between God and His people, a public drama of the Gospel to be (re)enacted.

What Should We Do?

Here are a few suggestions.

  • Consider reading through the sermon text in your quiet time.
  • Have your kids memorize the call to worship so they can belt out the responses at the beginning of the service.
  • Let the confession and assurance scriptures strengthen your resolve to fight sin and forgive others freely this week.
  • Meditate on the words to the songs before Sunday morning and come ready to really sing.  

Bottom line, this is a resource for you and your family to prepare for worship and to look forward to our weekly services.