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Jesus died on the cross to take away our sin, give us new life, and become our king. We do everything by the power of the cross.


Jesus lives in perfect fellowship with the Father and Holy Spirit. Like the Trinity, we do everything in the context of community.


Jesus’ mission is to build a growing kingdom of grace and love on earth. We do everything in light of his redemptive mission.


Jesus lives to bring glory to the Father. We do everything to glorify God above all else, and we want to influence others to do the same.

What Can God Do With A Young, Diverse, Untrained Church?

When Paul wrote to the Thessalonian church, the church was still young and small. It was incredibly diverse, and dirt poor. It seems like Paul would be writing to teach them, or correct them, or maybe to clear up some of the rumors he'd been hearing about what they'd...
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Gospel-Powered Self Control

Galatians 5:16 says this: "Walk by the Spirit and you will certainly not carry out the desire of the flesh." We are going to have fleshly desires in life. Even as followers of Jesus, who have God the Holy Spirit living in us, we’re STILL gonna have fleshly desires....
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God’s Making You Kind And Patient

God has been patient and kind with you. When you were sinful and rejecting God, He patiently loved you and in his kindness he saved you. It was God's patience and kindness that made it possible for you to be adopted into his family. And now, in Galatians 5, God said...
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Love For The Word

God said to Abraham, I want you to leave your country and your family and go to a land that I will tell you about later. And, after you do that I’m going to make you a big nation and will bless you and give you a great name. And then God said something even more...
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Where Do You Go For Joy And Peace?

We’re all looking for joy and peace in life, aren’t we? You’ve been looking for it all week. Almost every decision we make is because we’re looking for joy or peace. You work long hours or multiple jobs because you want the joy of having lots of money and what that...
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