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Ewa Elementary School
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Jesus died on the cross to take away our sin, give us new life, and become our king. We do everything by the power of the cross.


Jesus lives in perfect fellowship with the Father and Holy Spirit. Like the Trinity, we do everything in the context of community.


Jesus’ mission is to build a growing kingdom of grace and love on earth. We do everything in light of his redemptive mission.


Jesus lives to bring glory to the Father. We do everything to glorify God above all else, and we want to influence others to do the same.

Are You Happy With Your Job?

Our God is a worker-God. In the beginning, he worked. He created. We work because of how God worked. He created us to image him, and one of the ways that we image him is that we work like him. We create out of his creation. How amazing is that?!? Whenever you do work...

3 Parenting Hacks

We have a time of silent confession during our Sunday services. Parents of children have told me that most of what they confess each wee has to do with how they've interacted with their children! Those little sinners typically reveal to each of us that we are just big...

Love + Submission = Beauty

It started out beautiful. Genesis 2 shows us that it wasn't good for man to be alone, but it was good for man to have a "helper fit for him." God created a beautiful helper, and man was super stoked about it (bursting out into song when he saw her!). They were...

A Challenge On Our Birthday

Harbor West Oahu turned one year one this past Sunday. We're praising God not just for keeping our church alive, but for all the ways that He's been good and gracious to us along the way. A year ago, 18 adults and a hoard of keiki set out to be a people who love God,...

Your Renewal Plan

I used to wear cargo shorts. Specifically, I had these camo cargo shorts that I loved. I had them for like 10 years, and they were marvelously comfortable. When I put them on it was like coming home, sitting in my favorite chair, pulling up a warm blanket with a...

A Question About Game of Thrones

I like great storytelling. I like a suspenseful plot. I like great acting. I like great cinematography, editing, a great score. I like it when a tv show gets all of this right. I like it when a movie gets this right. I like tv shows and movies. I like being culturally...

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